Beau Campbell – President Of Inland Newspaper Machinery Corporation

Mr. Campbell joined Inland Newspaper Machinery Corporation in 1975 after graduating from Westminster College with a B.A. in business.  While working full time, he earned his MBA in 1980.  Mr. Campbell was appointed president of Inland Newspaper Machinery Corporation in 1986.  He acquired the business from Inland Industries Inc. in 2009.

During his 35 plus years of working within the newspaper industry, Mr. Campbell has successfully completed hundreds of press installations, press additions, press upgrades and press sales worldwide.

He has partnered with Mr. John Woolard of Morrison & Head providing property tax appeal services to the newspaper industry.  Together, they have generated great savings for many metro newspapers across the country.

Recently, Mr. Campbell joined the Impressions Worldwide team as an authorized representative.  Impressions Worldwide is the premier supplier of top quality used single-width presses.

Mr. Campbell currently serves on the International Newspaper Group (ING) board.  He is also actively involved with several newspaper associations including Southern Newspaper Press Association (SNPA) and Inland Press Association.

Beau Campbell
Inland Newspaper Machinery LLC
19841 Benson Street
Bucyrus, Kansas 66013 – USA
Office Phone:  1.913.492.9050 Ext. 107
Cell Phone:  1.913.522.4889
Fax:  1.913.492.6217